Organic White Royal jelly Honey ( عسل رویال ژلی ملکه )

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In the same group of bees, DNA of the queen bee and the worker bee are the same, that is, when this large group of young bees is born, they are almost identical. But in the end, who decides to become a queen bee or who becomes a worker bee is actually because of the different foods eaten during the larval period and finally has an entirely different fate.

The larvae produced in the queen's stage are the bees that grow up to become queens. From larvae to queen bees, they only eat the queen's milk to survive; and those larvae that grow up to be worker bees eat worker jelly. The differences between queen bees and worker bees are not only that queen bees are large but they also have significant changes in the physiology and behavior. For example, queen bees are fertile but other worker bees are not.